My Favourite Songs – For You!

I remember when I was in 12th grade, I lived in Trenton, Ontario and I had a boyfriend that lived in Ottawa. I would come to visit him on the weekends and he used to give me these mixtapes that he’d spent hours making for me during the week when we were apart. They were always made up of great songs, and in fact if I dug deep enough in those dusty boxes in the basement, I’d probably find a few. Of course, we quickly grew tired of the long distance relationship and broke up, but I will always remember him for his outstanding mixtapes.

Now that we have Mixwit, I’m thrilled that I get to give my blog reader(s?) the gift of a mixtape.

Click here to listen to many of my all time favourite songs.



2 Responses

  1. Oh god. This is really, really old stuff. But all good tunes, though; and without the hiss of the tape player.

  2. Well the new Web 2.0 super trendy Mix Tape startup is called

    Personally I think it has simple UX and perfect concept.

    It does not have pictures and a moving tape image. But this has RSS 🙂

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