SuzeMuse’s All-Canadian Playlist

I was bored yesterday so I made a new iTunes playlist of the BEST Canadian artists and my favourite songs from each of them. Unfortunately not all the artists are on iTunes, so I couldn’t publish it. Instead, I’m going to type it out for y’all, with links to everyone. If you are looking for some great music, check these guys out.

SuzeMuse’s Superfantastic All-Canadian Playlist

  1. My Moon My Man – Feist
  2. Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure – The Weakerthans
  3. Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep
  4. Your House (acoustic version) – Alanis Morissette
  5. Tango Shoes – Bif Naked
  6. A Day in the Life – David Usher
  7. The Chemical Worker’s Song (Process Man) – Great Big Sea
  8. These Eyes – The Guess Who
  9. A Case of You – Joni Mitchell
  10. Closing Time – Leonard Cohen
  11. Resurrection – Moist
  12. Innocent – Our Lady Peace
  13. Almost Love At First Sight – Pete Webb
  14. Cry – The Philosopher Kings
  15. It Doesn’t Really Matter – Platinum Blonde
  16. 1962 – Ron Hynes
  17. Hard Bargain – Ron Sexsmith
  18. Just Over This Mountain – Skydiggers
  19. The Rest of My Life – Sloan
  20. Sweet City Woman – The Stampeders
  21. Long Way Down – Swollen Members
  22. To Be An Angel – Uncle Seth
  23. Sugarcane – Wide Mouth Mason

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