Adding My Voice to the Chorus

I’m exhausted. It’s been a really long week. I essentially have two jobs right now, so I’m sure I’ve put in at least 70 hours this week – probably more. I haven’t seen my husband much, or my dog, or my cats. I certainly haven’t seen much of my parents, or my brother, or my nephews.

But at this precise moment, 9:10pm on a Friday night, I have decided to create something. It’s not much, just a blog post, but in a few minutes it will be something that didn’t exist previously.

Something has changed for me over the past few weeks, as I’ve started to comment on other people’s blogs, do a little Twittering, and post to my own blog. Before I got involved in this stuff, I didn’t really have an outlet to spit out the things I was thinking about. So I simply didn’t spit anything out, and as a result, the stuff just kept going around in my brain. It wasn’t out in the open for others to see, therefore nobody could give me any feedback. I was stuck. Stuck with all of these ideas floating around me but not really knowing what to do with them.

Now that I’ve started to get this stuff out, I’ve realized, by sharing with a few other people what’s going on in my head, that I feel better. I feel like I’m contributing to something big. I’m hearing what others have to say and adding my voice to the chorus. And people are listening. And the result is that I’m getting a lot more ideas, and becoming a lot more focused and decisive about what I want to be doing in my life and work.

Pretty neat, huh?


3 Responses

  1. You’ve just summed up some of the best parts of Blogging. : ) Welcome to the chorus, and thanks for your ideas!

  2. Sing, girl, sing! Let’s sing together. 😉

  3. You totally hit the nail on the head. You should blog for yourself and blog because you have a voice that you’re not afraid to use. I came across this blog via Chris Brogan’s Twitter feed. I added him as a friend after adding Adam Broitman who friended me because I was listed as a podcamp attendee. Three degrees of separation just became one. Oh, the wonders of Web 2.0. Keep on writing!

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